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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 21, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> i was very fortunate when he first came up to me, he didn't grab me. i'm glad i saw him. >> we're glad he did, too. fortunately, no one was injured. thank you for joining us, here's harris in for shep. >> i'm hairs falkner no for shepard smith. president obama set to speak later this hour one day after telling the nation he is taking executive action on immigration, but house speaker john boehner says the move is damaging the presidency and is warning the house will,act. >> violent demonstration friday the west bank an palestinians face off with the israeli military. we'll go wife to jerusalem. -- go to jerusalem. break news when it happens. president obama goes it alone on immigration. among his critics today, some big names in the democratic
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party, and republicans say they will respond. here's a live look at las vegas. free the president set to sign the largest changes in the immigration system through executive objection. the president last night told the american people his actions will affect millions of men and women who came to our country illegally. many will now be able to apply for work permits to a void deportation. others can apply for a program that started in 2012 to let young immigrants stay, known as dreamers. their parents brought them here. the president says his move will restore accountability. others are calling it amnesty. republicans say the person people do not want this but that the president is not listening. >> president obama has turned a deaf ear to the people that he was elected and we were elected
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to serve. but we will not do that. in the days ahead the people's house will rise to the challenge. we will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country. >> speaker boehner did not say exactly how republicans will act. political analysts say they'll sue the president, which they did on immigration, or they could use the budget. some lawmakers are pushing for language in upcoming spending bills to block the executive order. party leaders warn, though, that could shut the government down. something house minority leader nancy pelosi says would fall squarely on republican soldiers, quote, republicans have a choice. act productively on immigration or waste tax bare dollars on another ven den a guess president obama. appropriate appropriate -- republicans coin to scramble for is sos for their own failure of leadership, end quote.
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residentis live in las vegas. to do this, i guess. >> well, you're right. this is especially where the president started the clock on his push for congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013. now he'll begin a drive to rally support for the executive order he announced last night but is doing so in the face of a bitter republican reaction that he is overstepped his authority. you can expect more 0 of these speeches in coming weeks defending his legal authority to prioritize which illegal immigrants are subject to deportation. he says they should be criminals, not children. felons, not families who have been here for years, but it's the political and practical argument he opens will seal the deal. >> tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions of people? isn't realistic. anyone who suggests otherwise isn't being strategy with you. also not who we are as americans.
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after all, most of these immigrants have been here a long time. they work hard, often in tough, low-paying jobs. they support their families. they worship at our churches. >> president says it's simply impossible to deport all 11 million people in the country illegally. >> what else are we hearing from republicans at this hour? >> well, they say the ball is in their court but it's not clear how they will respond. they know they must. house speaker john boehner says mr. obama has hurt the presidency itself, that he has made it impossible for congress to trust him and without that, boehner says, me and congress can't work on the nation's other problems. >> the president has taken actions he himself has said are those of a king or an emperor. not an american president. and he is doing this at a time when americans want nothing more than both parties to focus on solving the biggest problems in
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our country, starting with our still struggling economy. >> we learned today boehner filed a lawsuit he threatened against the affordable care act. he is warning he may file one against the immigration order as well. >> let's bring in john bussey, assistant managinged -- managing editor from "the wall street journal." the people in the president's own party are on the list, a senator from maine, an independent, angus king, call ought the constitutallity of this. what else? >> the question is going to be what can they do? you have heard the threat of a lawsuit. you have heard the threat of not funding certain of the president's activities -- >> that's the republicans. >> that's right. holding up nominations in congress. or perhaps passing their own law, which hasn't happened up until now. so we'll see over the next
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couple of days which initiative gather steam. >> all right so, again, that's the g.o.p. i want to focus -- this is new, we're hearing push back from democrats. claire mccaskill. >> similar feelings in the democratic ranks, these are illegal immigrants and need to be deported or some other action. you can't give a temporary what they're calling a temporary amnesty. the president calls it something else to these individuals. the president is saying, look, we're going to practice some prosecutorial direction here. you can't deport 11.3 million undocumented workers in the united states. so, let's pick. let's pick those who have been here for five years, whose kids are either citizens or permanent residents, and let's give them temporary approval for working in the united states. accomplish the temporary -- they're underscoring that. eventually that runs out. >> john, i understand what democrats are saying, they take exception as well to the
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executive ban. you how joe manchin in west virginia, and the list is growing. >> democratsdemocrats and repubo oppose this say the president doesn't have the right to do this. >> are they right? >> there's been a history on this. you have seen other president does the same thing, involving immigrants in the united states, where there has been dispen sayings given to immigrants, vietnamese -- >> by executive order. >> by executive order. that said, republicans will say, yes, but, those were smaller numbers of people. >> they would be right. >> it was in concert with the congress headed towards some kind of resolution. >> that was true. >> a temporary moment. so, the president has history in his favor, but the republicans are saying it was much more circumscribed. >> they would be right, and i ask, was the executive pen used, the way that it's been explained to me was that it was used in such a david way for the very
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reasons you and republicans have listed. this is what the president himself -- we had a lot of this material to choose from. this is what he said. >> anybody who tells you it's going to be easier than i can wave a magic wand and make it happened hasn't been paying attention. >> i can't do it by myself. he have to change laws in congress. >> i've done everything i can on my own. >> if i could pass these laws without passing laws in congress i would do. but we're also a nation of laws. >> two questions. any indication from what you're gathering at the "wall street journal" that his will stick after he signs it? as you can see over and over the president says he didn't have the authority to do this. >> i'm not sure he is saying that. he is says he would prefer to do it with congress but if congress isn't going to act then he is going to have an executive order. that's the argument out of the white house, something needs to be done, this needs to be addressed so we'll start with
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this. whether or not it becomes permanent law is going to be up to the house of representatives and the senate. >> from what i've read, the president actually did call into play whether or not he had the power to do that. if you go back over the 24, 25 times he brought this up over the last few years you'll find that. i'll move on to the next quick question. you put this in motion. what will we like lie see as american citizens across city to city to city taking immediate effect? something we mike detect. >> the business community is looking at this closely. this happened in 1986, whit was dispensation given to three million illegal immigrants and that group of people, once legitimatized, felt it was okay for them to search for a job at a higher wage. so you how those jobs he delippated last mike, working in fields, working in house cleaning, people left those seeking greater profits, greater aspirations in the united states. so those employers at that level suddenly found themselves with a
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much smaller labor pool and that might happen again. >> the president set to put his pen to paper for the defender order on deportation in laughs. we're looking forward to that news coming up and we've cover it. when i say looking forward, we're covering everything that happenedle. an update on the investigation involvementy falsie air bag. the problem affects millions of cars and trucks in the united states and now government officials in japan say they ordered the maker of the airbags, takata, to conduct an internal investigation. gm, ford, and hand, are among the out tomakers that used the airbags. those companies have re-called nearly eight million vehicles. investigators warn the air bags can explode with excessive force, sending metal sharp nell playing goo the -- into the faces of drivers and passengers and blame the problem on at least six months and injuries. >> hamas militants if reported
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to kill a top israeli diplomat. this as more violence has broken out between security forces and palestinian protesters. a live report on the latest. >> a team of robbers stole blood samples that may be ineffected with the ebola virus. stay close. (cheering) yeah!! touchdown! who's ready for half time? ok i'm going to draw something up new... who ate the quarterback? share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat!
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>> a highway rob any guinea, one of the three wi african countries. a taxi driver was carrying the blood to test site. the red cross used a cab because officials don't have their own vehicles. doctors say it's a dangerous situation. investigators say they have no idea why the robbers would steal the samples. that's scary. violent protests have broken out the middle east. israeli security forces cleared out 300 palestinians who were throwing stones in the west bank today, and since tension over access -- security forces arrested four palestinians for plot fog assassinate the country's foreign minister with a rocket propelled grenade. the athe men hoped to send israel a message that would
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bring an end to the conflict. royce terse reports hamas has not confirmed the plot but a the group released a statement saying israeli leaders are, quote, a legitimate target. conor powell is live. what can you tell us about the mott? >> much more an aspirational plot against israeli foreign minister rather than an imminent threat to him but police arrested four men connected to hamas they shay had done preliminary research and surveillance on the route the minister takes to his home. he lives in a settle independent the west bank beyond the 1967 borders association he has to travel into the west bank each day, which does make him more of a target rather than a normal israeli minister. now, militants did nod have a rocket o'peled grenade launcher and it's not clear how they could get their hands on one. that type of heavy equipment is
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unheard of in the west bank but with tensions high from the summers this is considered a serious plot against a senior member of the israeli government. >> we're learning that about the past. what about the future, the tensions that are there? >> the tensions remain extremely high. there was an incident today where there was a brawl between israeli youth and some palestinian kids. two israelis were injured with minor injuries and also an incident where a palestinian girl was hit by an israeli driver. so there's still tension in the area, but the tensions exploded in hebron. more than 300 palestinians battled with israeli soldiers novelty one was injured and there were no arrests but they did trade tear gas back and forth and stones and bottles thrown. a fair fairly serious protest and tension are high of the
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access to the mosque temple mount compound. conservative israelis want to have an ability to pray at this muslim holy site which sits atop a jewish holy site. this is the spark for a lot of at the tension we have had in the past few weeks. >> thank you very much. if you haven't seen the pictures, check it out. a snowstorm of what looks and feels like epic proportions is to blame now for more than 12 deaths. forecasters say warmer weather is moving insuring but wait, snow has to melt and that could cause some serious flooding. and a window washer, fell several stories on to a moving car. ♪soft holiday music ]♪
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>> unreal. a window washer in california fell more than 11 stories from a roof on to a moving car. it happened a couple of hours ago in san francisco. look at this. you can see the top of that car. it is smashed. that where the landed. police say the man was set up window washing equipment on the top of a building when something went wrong. they say the man was unconscious and had, quote, critical injuries. firefighters say he is now in the hospital and the driver of the car was not hurt. wow. one of the largest snowstorms ever recorded in western new york has caused some 30 rooftops to collapse. that's just in the last 24 hours. emergency worerses are closely watch ago rooftops on the brink. the deadly storm dumped seven feet of snow? some spots. officials blame the storm for at least 13 deaths, including two people in a nursing home who
12:22 pm
died while crews were evacuating the place. forecasters say another storm system could hit next week, bus this time it's going to come with high temperatures and rain, and, yes, seven feet of snow will then become moving water. in the form of flooding potentially. david lee miller is live outside our fox news headquarters in new york. david lee? >> the situation in buffalo, slowly returning to normal. as of approximately 21 minutes ago for the first time since this massive snowstorm hit, the new york state throughway, 132 miles, has now been re-opened for what authorities are describing as essential travel. they plan on re-opening the through-way in western new york in stages. the authority has 25,000 tons of salt to clear that road.
12:23 pm
there is a small army at this hour in place in we were new york to try to remove the snow. by that i mean dump trucks, laws, snow blowers, and other heavy equipment. also 500 national guardsmen and airmen helping to dig out the region, and there's also fear that the death toll could increase. the latest victim was found buried in his car under a mountain of snow. he was a 50-year-old man, and lastly, harris, there are still more than 100 people living in more than a half dozen shelters in western new york, all of the anxiously waiting to return home but the process taking place is going to take time. >> wow. and that will no doubt be exacerbated by the next system coming in that will melt and flood. >> that's right, harris. there is greg concern that there could be -- growing concern there could be serious flooding in western new york. the governor says it's
12:24 pm
inevitable as the temperatures warm up. expected to reach 60 degrees. the snow smelt is expected to equal six inches of rain. it is expected that low-lying areas could have as many as between five and six feet of water. new york's governor andrew cuomo is predicting the extent of the flood damage is tough to say. listen. >> there will be warming over the next couple of days. the warming will bring melting. melting will bring water, water will bring floods. how many and where? we can't tell you. we are preparing now for more flooding than we have seen in a long, long time. >> as buffalo tries to recover, the city's professional sports teams are not taking any chances, harris. sunday's gameton the buffalo bills and the new york jets is now going to take place on monday in detroit, and tonight's game between the buffalo sabres and the new york rangers has been postponed.
12:25 pm
this as some forecasters warn there could be, could be, more lake-effect snow in the works in the next 24 hours. that before temperatures warm up and that's when the flooding will begin. harris? >> my goodness. i know that's an update. seriously, that is so much snow and then more before it thaws. hard to imagine. thank you very much. you may have a to-do list of places you want to go in your lifetime. for one woman, more than a century passed before she was able to check beach off her list. this story, i love it. 100-year-old ruby holt won a wish of a lifetime contest at her senior living home. she told workers should we like to finely see the beach so they took her to the alabama coast. >> we got you, hon. >> i want you to feel this water. here it comes. woo!
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>> wow. my goodness. she said it was a little bit cold but some she enjoyed ever bit of it. she turns 01 in a few weeks. happy birthday. god bless her. with a selfie. love that. >> now we move on. the islamic state is reportedly trying to take over another major city. i mentioned earlier it's in iraq and we're watching the situation closely. now the group has released a new propaganda video as well. it features a hostage telling the or of a failed rescue mission. don't go away. an important message for americans eligible for medicare. the medicare enrollment deadline is fast approaching. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ... or you can call healthmarkets ... and let us do the legwork for you - with no
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from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. limited arm movement, fatigue, head ache muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. even if you've already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13 ® may help provide additional protection. get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13 ® today. a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. nearly 200 people attended a vigil in new jersey after a shooting inside a home. investigators say a 14-year-old boy and his eight-year-old sister turned up dead. their 11-year-old brother and mom are in critical condition in
12:29 pm
the hospital. they're not releasing any other details but say they're not looking for the shooter. an explosion on an oil and gas platform in the gulf of mexico killed a worker and injured three other people, according to the drilling company. feds say there's no sign that any oil spilled into the water. a u.s. marine riff robotic leg braces set to receive the bronze star today. a sniper's bullet pair rizzed the captain in afghanistan. but he asked to stay on active duty. his doctors fitted him with leg braces. he says it fulfills a enemy and emotional goal. with joint shiel™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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the islamic state has released a new propaganda video taunting the united states over a failed mission to free the terror groups western hostage. the video features john cantlie.
12:32 pm
special ons forces tried to free the prisoners but they were no there the individual does not show cantlie's beheading but he said i accepted my faith would be the same of the cell mates. reuters reports the militants attacked iraqi governments in the city of ram mad di. the capital of anbar province. retired major general bob scales is a fox news military analyst and joins us now. good to see you today. >> hi, harris. >> i want to just start with the latest video what it communicates. some in the military community tell me when you see it ramping up -- saw one last week -- it could mean the enemy is feeling pain mail temperaturely. your thought -- militarily. your thoughts.
12:33 pm
>> perhaps. remember now, isis' real power in the recent re-joins the psychological control over young men in the middle east, and perhaps the visit by general dempsey, perhaps the news of the recapture of the baiji ol' -- oil fields -- they put out this stupid newscast about this poor british gentleman who knows what his future holds. he will eventually be beeheadded to give this open newscast to recontrol the headline and take i i. from the iraqi government and the west. the most cynical thing i have seen. >> talk be there city they're concentrating on taking. i mentioned it's been the focus of isis, but it's also where we spent a lot of blood and treasure when we were fighting
12:34 pm
there. >> isn't that something? hundreds of american soldiers died fighting for, recapturing ramada and folding it of the years. and remember also, it's the capitol of anbar province, the most contested province in iraq. this is a very important psychological issue for isis. they want to capture the city center. the core of the city, and they know it will be a huge psychological boost for them. on the other hand, the iraqis are trying desperately to hold it because they fear if ramadi falls the rep pew take of the iraqi forces will fall through the floor. so this is a physical battle and a psychological battle. the other thing you have to addes the pressure from the administration to -- >> our administration. >> yes, our administration, to get the iraqis to do something positive on the ground.
12:35 pm
so, this is a real witch's brew of events of the last few days. the people who suffer sadly are the poor iraqis who are trapped in the center of ramadi. >> you talk about the pressure from the obama administration. i'm trying to fathom how that could even be useful in all of this because you have kind of a disconnect that we talked about on the air before, about hugh the pentagon may seive it one way, the white house sees it another way. >> see, that's the problem. the president's put forward 1500 more soldiers and the american people are wondering, tell me between what the value of this -- what, now, 3,000 soldiers in iraq. what's that going to be? the pressure is beginning 0 to mount for some good news on the ground. capture a city, save a estimate expand the perimeter outside of baghdad, do something to justify this additional commitment. unfortunately, as we have talked about before, harris, it's going to take months before the iraqis are psychologically and physically prepare to renew the
12:36 pm
offensive, and the campaign season isn't going to start until probably late winter or early spring. it's going to be a while before we see any attempt by the iraqis to regain their territory. >> that's a long time for people caught in the middle. a fox urgent now. the mayor of st. louis sit to give a news conference. people in ferguson weighedden on the grand jury's decision whether to indict a police officer, who shot michael brown in august. that sparked national attention and dives sometimes violent protesting in video message the teenager's father says, quote, i don't want my son's death to be in vain. he urged people to keep the peace. >> our family is hurting. our whole region is hurting. i thank you for raising your
12:37 pm
voices to end racial profiling and police intimidation but hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. >> the officials say the decision from the grand jury could come at any time. steve harrigan is live in clayton, missouri, where the grand jury is meeting. this could come out at any moment. [inaudible] >> all right. i think we're trying to get steve harrigan into place there. obviously -- okay, he's back. steve? i know that you are watching very closely that news conference taking place in just any moment and we're also waiting to hear what the grand jury grand jury decision will be. i know you had to seven -- step in front of the camera. take it away. >> a number of signs after the grand jury has been working in secret, they might be very close to a decision soon. in the past fewer hours we have heard there are preparations for a media announcement about a
12:38 pm
decision but still no word when or where that announcement will take place. overnight we saw more scuffles between police and protesters. small numbers of protesters out, just about 40. three arrests made. the police were using pepper spray, targeting protesters who were blocking traffic, but really small numbers overall, and we have also heard news about more cancellations. several school districts deciding to cancel schools monday and tuesday, leading right into the holiday weekend. other schools at this point staying open. a number of events here also deciding to shut down or cancel a number of concerts cancelled, people trying to take measures before violence happens to make sure their people are out of harm's way. >> one thing i have wondered just in the last few weeks, and certainly the last few days, is authorities have been ramping up with what they'll do if unrest breaks out. the lives of the people who just want to go on, just want their kids to go back to school go back to work.
12:39 pm
some small businesses have been damage thread. first looted and physically damaged and now they can't make any money because people aren't going out. >> i think people do want this to be over with. most of the people who are on the sidelines. when you talk to them, men or women, there's really a sense of fear when you hear a state of emergency has been declared, national guard aviate arrested and stoors boarded up. people saw violence in august and are afraid violence could be coming again. concerns people even before real violence has broken out again. people considering moving their businesses to safer territory. so real uncertainty and fear here in the runup to any decision. >> steve harrigan reporting live for us today. we appreciate. we'll come back to you as the news warrants. more now on the immigration debate, and coast guard officials say the number of immigrants coming to the united states illegally from cuba, for example, hit a five-year high.
12:40 pm
it can be a treacherous journey. 9 other miles by boat or raft from cuba to the florida keys. 3,000 cubans have been caught at sea this past year alone. phil keeting is in key west. >> last fiscal year, thousand cubans made it from the communist island, setting few in the florida. it's been 40 years since the wet foot dry foot rowell, if you put your foot on stand you get to stay. we went on the high seas in the florida straits with the u.s. coast guard counter raymond evanss, and the crew told us everytime they are going out for patrols, they are finding cubans adrift at sea every trip. during our trip they rescued these four cubans, engine broke,
12:41 pm
no foot food and water, floating three three days. they were sent back to cuba and even though it's 90 miles from key west to cuba, you cannot see land. it's open seas. it's improbable any of these moment made boats can make it to florida but some do. >> the highest level in five years. what that's explanation for the surge? you talked about how dangerous it is. >> five-year high and 35% more this year than the year before that, and the economic answer is, that economics, basically, life in cuba right now is a life in poverty and it's so hopeless -- well, take a look at the video. these are new, recent cuban migrants coming into south florida. it shows how extremely dangerous their makeshift boats and rafts are. they keep showing up in south florida. 343 people, packed on a boat.
12:42 pm
that's one okay. even people on inner tubes strung together, just floating with the current, and all exemplifies it's so bad in cuba right now, it's worth the risk of drowning to leave. alberto sanchez made it to miami a week ago, on a raft, and tells us it was his ninth attempt. >> translator: in cuba, you go to bed and you good to bed worried because the next day, reality is, what are you going to eat and what are you going to do? >> aside from coming into florida there's not route from central america and mexico. 17,000 cubant did it that way. when they get to the border crossing of the rio grande, just have to walk across and they're on dry land. >> we know that story too. we thank you very much. a dangerous defect the feds say could injury your child. the details on a massive
12:43 pm
stroller re-call. parents may want to take note if you have a toddler in a stroller.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
we want to quickly brung you up to speed. breaking news. officials in including the mayor of st. louis, missouri, are holding a news conference. this is ahead of the grand jury decision whether to charge a police officer in the death of teenager michael brown. they say they do not know when the grand jury decision will be public. they're not expecting to make in the comments on it in the news conference. they expect the decision to come down soon. a warning for new parents about a mastiff re-call of babier strollers. nearly five million in north america. the feds say a hinge on the side of the strollers has pinched or caught off childrens' fingers. major stories, including target, toys 'r' us and wal-mart have
12:47 pm
stoled the strollers for 14 years. beery willis has the details. -- geri willis has the information. these injuries are serious. we watched the re-call go from a couple hundred thousand to 4 million. >> 4.7 million. strolleres made in china since 2000. so you could have a stroller in your garage you parked there, thought about giving to a neighbor, that could have a problem. here's the bran names here. the brand him in, greco and under, the model names, aspirin, capri, glider, sterling, travel mate, you would have bought is in in target, toys 'r' us, wal-mart, major stores. this is a big problem. >> one of our travel stollers is that. no kidding. that's what we would do. leave it in the grange and probably make a donation and now we can't do that. >> can't do that. >> what should consumers do. >> what they say on the consumer
12:48 pm
protection safety web site if you're putting kids in or out, be super-duper careful. next month the company will have a fix-it kit, basically just a cover for the arm. so, the new models of these look different. they're safer. so if you bought a brand spanking new stroller it's different but these older models are a real problem. be very careful. if they fold up you have to get the child out immediately because they can get their fingers caught. and it's not the finger -- it's the fingertip that gets cut. >> how much. >> very painful. >> that's a lot of strollers. gerri willus, thank you. a fox report from the fox news academic. secretary of state john kerry has apparently offered iran a new proposal on limiting iran's nuclear program but the iranians say, no good enough. the deadline for a deal is monday but officials could stepped the deadline. one negotiator says we have a long way to go. an american released from north korea this month
12:49 pm
reportedly says he wanted to stay there. 25-year-old matthew miller told nk he purposely damaged his visa on the way to pyongyang, hoping officials would arrest him. he says the trip was not political. he just wanted to talk to north koreans about normal things. and the central bank is pulling gold out of new york city, and shipped it back to amsterdam. that's more than 5 bill -- $5 billion worth. officials want to keep more gold inside their own country. >> president obama has arrived in las vegas to speak on plans to change our immigration system through executive action. one republican governor says the president is acting like a, quote, tyrannical king. we'll be right back. (trader vo) i search.
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the president has just started to speak. this is las vegas at the high school where he is set to talk about rolling out his immigration reform. let's watch. >> i'm so inspired by the introduction. last night i spoke directly to american people about immigration. and you heard me talk about it. and if you watched her introduction just now she talked about herself. she was brought here as a little girl and grew up believing in america and in her identity as an american, just like malia or sasha. and then she found out she was undocumented which meant she
12:54 pm
cooperate do things other kids could do she was afraid she would be separated from her dad. then the decided to stand up for her family and fight to make a difference is in country. part of what makes america exceptional is we welcome exceptional people like asster. [applause] it makes us stronger, it makes is vibrant and dynamic. it makes us hopeful. we are a nation of immigrants and that means we're constantly being replenished with strivers who believe in the american dream and it gives us a tremendous advantage over other missions. mains us entrepreneurial. it continues the promise that here in america, you can make it if you try. regardless of where you come
12:55 pm
from. regardless of the circumstances of your birth. our immigration system has been broken for a very long time, and everybody knows it. as americans we believe in fairness. the idea that if we work hard and play by the rules we can get ahead. but too often the immigration system feels fundamentally unfair. families try to come here the right way but get separated or snuck line for years. you have business owners who are doing the right thing by their workers, offering good wages and benefits, and then you have companies that are ignoring minimum wage laws or overtime laws, taking advantage of undocumented immigrants, and as a consequence, undercutting their employers who are doing the right thing. all of us take offense to the idea anybody can reap the rewarded of living in america without responsibilities, and folks like astrid and her papers, want to make amends and
12:56 pm
embrace the responsibilities of living here, they're forced to live in the shadows or risk having families torn apart. we have known about this years and nope we can do better, and for years we have doesn't much about it. today we're going something about it. [applause] when i took office, i committed to fixing this broken system, and i began by doing what i could to secure our borders because i do believe in secure borders. and over the past six years illegal border crossings have been cut by more than half. don't let all the rhetoric fool you. there was a brief spike this summer in unaccompanied children at the border. but it was temporary and the number of such children is now actually lower than it's been in nearly two years. overall the number of people trying to cross our border illegally is at the lowest level since the 1970s.
12:57 pm
when i was in high school, and i've got gray hair now, so it's been a long time. and nearly two years ago i came here, delta high school, right in this gymnasium. [cheering] >> i said that the time had come for congress to fix our broken immigration system, and i laid out basic principles for reform, that a lot of different parties could agree on. what was remarkable was the consensus that started to develop. we had business leaders and labor leaders and evangelical leaders and law enforcement leaders, we had republicans repd we had democrats and independents, and they all said, that, yes, we should secure our borders, we should bring our legal immigration system into the 21st century, and then once and for all we should give
12:58 pm
the 11 million people living in the shadows a chance to make amends and earn their citizenship the right way. so, those were our principles. we laid them out. we were very clear. [cheers and applause] >> and after i laid out those principles we then went to work with congress. and we started in the senate, and you ended up with a big majority of democrats and republicans and independents, all coming together in the senate to pass a bipartisan bill based on these principles. the senate bill wasn't perfect. it was a compromise. that's how things work in congress. that's how things work in a democracy. not everybody was satisfied with every provision but it was a good, solid, common-sense bill that would have made our immigration system better would have doubled the number of border patrol agents. so for those who wanted more border security that was in the
12:59 pm
bill. i would have made the legal immigration system smarter and fairer. it would have given the opportunity for young people, who are talented and who have gotten a degree, maybe in computer science or some technical field, to stay here and work. and contribute and create businesses -- >> we're watching the president in las vegas. when he landed he signed two presidential memoranda and now he is talking to a group there at the high school. this is the very place where the outlined his ideas forums reform a couple of years ago. now he has turned more political and explaining about the process that got him to this executive action and what the democrat-led senate did and what the republican-led house did and so on. and so he is really moved on now
1:00 pm
from the news of the day, which is his executive action on immigration, and now talking politics. that's going to it for us this hour. i'll hand you over know to neil cavuto. >> thank you, harris. indeed the president is continuing to explain why he did what he did, and has already signed what he did. essentially two executive orders that delay if not cancel deportations for upwards of five million illegals. while he is talking,; welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. inside the high school in las vegas rallying support for a plan that its -- tea party protesters


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